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You are not alone. We are here to support all youth battling with mental health issues.

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About us

Buzzcut Foundation. Your mental health is our priority.

Buzzcut foundation is a mental health organization founded by youth and focusing on supporting youth battling with mental health issues.  We do this by offering free counselling and group support therapy. We also have mental health awareness programs including community engagement activities, a podcast, workshops, and more

Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.

Mariska Hargitay

Our Programs

Mental health awareness

The mental health awareness department seeks to create awareness of mental health illnesses and issues that young people deal with daily incorporating psycho-social methods of addressing these issues.

Support group Therapy

Our support group sessions happen twice every first and last Saturday of the month. These support group sessions are open to anyone. The sessions consist of discussions around topics a lot of youth deal with on daily basis.

The Resilience Club

Are you looking for a safe space to enjoy yourself through fun therapeutic activities? Then the resilience club is the place to be. Every end of the month youth meet up and participate in activities such as karaoke, game night, campfires, and more. Register to become a member today!

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We need your help

According to the latest WHO survey, Uganda was ranked among the top six countries in Africa with the highest cases of mental illness. The report says about 1.7 million Ugandans suffer from depressive disorders and about 1.07 million Ugandans suffer from anxiety disorders. Take a stand now and make a difference.


Your donation makes a huge difference in promoting mental health and supporting those affected.

Promote Awareness

Join the conversation and talk Mental Health. Let's break the stigma around mental health in Uganda.


Join our community of volunteers and make a difference with us. Let's make an impact together.


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News & Updates

Join the Resilience Club today!

The Resilience Club is a program under the Buzzcut Foundation that targets young people between the ages of 18 - 26 years and focuses on providing fun therapy through arts and recreational activities rather than just talk therapy. It also emphasizes the use of creativity and attractive ways of promoting awareness of mental health.

Ignite Bright spaces

The IGNITE event is happening again June 10th at MOTIV from 3pm. If you’ve not already been to one of our events what you can expect from this third edition is lots of exciting energy in the room in terms of the performances from singers, dancers, poets, deejays, comedians and more. Get your ticket today

Mental Health Support for Street kids in Kisenyi

We recently had the honor to visit Destined Vessels Ministries Uganda in kisenyi. This Christ lead organization supports young people from the streets by educating them about the word of God and navigating ways to assist them to avoid going back to previous lifestyles that are not socially acceptable such as theft. Buzzcut Foundation hopes to step in and offer these youth mental health services such as support groups as well as youth empowerment workshops.

Our Impact


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